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Setting up the environment

For Carafe to run correctly certain files are required. Keeping these configuration files in the current working directory at all times can become cumbersome. To allow a user to put the configuration files all in one place and execute Carafe elsewhere, environment variables are used.

These are the environment variables used by Carafe:

For a description of these environment variables please read the Carafe Environment Variables section in the Installing Carafe chapter.

To set up these environment variables type the following:

setenv CARAFE_TECH path/carafe/lib/
setenv CARAFE_FAB path/carafe/lib/carafe.fab
setenv CARAFE_DSTYLE path/carafe/lib/carafe.dstyle
setenv CARAFE_COLORMAP path/carafe/lib/carafe.cmap

where path is the path to the Carafe directory. Note: These variables need to be set each time a user logs on.

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