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File Menu

Figure 9.2: File Menu

The File menu offers file related options to the user. See Figure 9.2 for the layout of the various menu items for File. These menu selections have the following properties/effects:

Figure 9.3: Open File Window

This option pops up a window offering settings for file filters, changing directories, and opening files. Figure 9.3 shows the open file window.

This option pops up a window for saving the current file. The directory and file name are changeable so moving and renaming files is possible. The Save window looks very similar to the Open window.

Figure 9.4: Preferences Windows

This option displays a window with the various settings used by Carafe. The settings are Debug Level, Fringe, Lambda, Prefix Character, Minimum Probability, Step Size, and Cell Path. These settings are explained in the Carafe Command Line Interface chapter in the Set section and also in the Running Carafe chapter. Figure 9.4 shows the Preferences window.

This menu item will exit Carafe.

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