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Figure 9.7: View Menu

The View menu offers the user options for viewing various circuits, faults, layers, and labels. Controls are given so the user may quickly and easily select or remove items to be displayed. See Figure 9.7 for the options available for this menu. These options are listed below.

Figure 9.8: Circuits Window

This option lists the currently loaded circuits and allows the user to select which one to display. Figure 9.8 shows the window for the Circuits menu item.

Figure 9.9: Faults Window

Figure 9.10: CA Panel

After the faults have been extracted from a circuit this command can be used to display the faults extracted. A window pops up listing the faults along with their likelihood. The user may select faults and zoom in to their location in the layout for closer inspection. The user may also view the critical areas by defect radius and layer. Figure 9.9 shows the window for the Faults menu item. Pressing on the CA Panel button when a fault is selected will bring up another window shown in Figure 9.10. This window shows the individual rectangles that form the critical area for a fault. (I use it often.)

Figure 9.11: Layers Window

This option pops up a window displaying the layers of the current circuit. The user can select which layers are to be displayed by pushing the button associated with each layer. The color for each layer is also displayed next to the selection button for reference. This window does not disappear when changes are applied, but remains visible for turning layers on and off quickly. The window for the Layers menu item is shown in Figure 9.11.

Figure 9.12: Labels Window

This option is used to turn on or off the display of the labels for the circuit. The user simply enters the name of the label or regular expression (i.e. C shell) in the box provided and selects either Add or Remove to add or remove the label or expression. The user then selects Done and the effect is reflected in the display. Figure 9.12 shows the window for the Labels menu item.

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