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The file begins with lines of comments beginning with a # symbol and a space. The format of the .gateBreaks file is as follows:

# cellname.gateBreaks generated by Carafe of Hemlock Version Alpha.5
# faults extracted with defect radii of: radius, ... centimicrons.
# Tech file: techfilename techfiledate
# Fab file : fabfilename fabfiledate

where break_name is the name of the break, such as ``brk_1'', which will also identify the break in the .pro file. Each entry contains one line for each node involved in the break. Each line contains n+1 terminal lists for the n breaks in that node. Each terminal list is a comma separated list of terminals, where a terminal is either an I/O port or a cell input or output. I/O ports are identified by name, cell inputs and outputs are specified as instance_name/ port_name, where instance_name is the name of the instantiation of the cell, and port_name is the name of that cell's port to which the node in question is attached.

David Dahle Wed Jan 24 11:51:06 PST 1996