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The following is a complete example of a .graph file generated by Carafe.

# i1s.graph generated by Carafe Version Alpha.5
# units: 1 tech: scmos
# faults extracted with defect radii of: 450, 250 centimicrons.
# Tech file: /tst/ Thu Oct 13 17:32:31 1994
# Fab file : /tst/test.fab Fri Oct 27 13:08:16 1995

  trans_0 n a q GND 700 1150 200 200 700 140000
  trans_1 p a q Vdd 700 4150 200 200 1300 260000

  node GND GND_3 GND_0 ; GND_3 GND_1 ; GND_3 GND_2
  connect trans GND_0 trans_0 diff 2
  connect io GND_1 GND
  connect io GND_2 GND
  node q q_4 q_0 ; q_5 q_1 ; q_5 q_2 ; q_4 q_3 ; q_5 q_4
  connect trans q_1 trans_1 diff 1
  connect trans q_2 trans_0 diff 1
  connect io q_0 q
  connect io q_3 q
  node Vdd Vdd_3 Vdd_0 ; Vdd_3 Vdd_1 ; Vdd_3 Vdd_2
  connect trans Vdd_0 trans_1 diff 2
  connect io Vdd_1 Vdd
  connect io Vdd_2 Vdd
  node a a_5 a_0 ; a_4 a_1 ; a_4 a_2 ; a_6 a_3 ; a_7 a_4 ; a_7 a_5 ; a_7 a_6
  connect io a_1 a
  connect io a_2 a
  connect trans a_3 trans_0 gate
  connect trans a_0 trans_1 gate

  bb_0 brk a_3 a_6 
  bb_0 brg trans_0 
  bb_1 brk a_0 a_5 
  bb_1 brg trans_1 

  brg_0 GND a q 
  brg_1 GND q 
  brg_2 a q 
  brg_3 Vdd a 
  brg_4 Vdd q 
  brg_5 Vdd a q 
  brg_6 GND a 

  brk_0 a_2 a_4 
  brk_1 q_4 q_5 
  brk_2 Vdd_0 Vdd_3 ; Vdd_2 Vdd_3 
  brk_3 GND_2 GND_3 
  brk_4 a_5 a_7 
  brk_5 q_2 q_5 
  brk_6 GND_0 GND_3 
  brk_7 GND_1 GND_3 
  brk_8 q_1 q_5 ; q_2 q_5 
  brk_9 Vdd_2 Vdd_3 
  brk_10 a_1 a_4 ; a_2 a_4 
  brk_11 Vdd_1 Vdd_3 
  brk_12 q_0 q_4 ; q_3 q_4 
  brk_13 GND_0 GND_3 ; q_2 q_5 
  brk_14 a_5 a_7 ; a_6 a_7 
  brk_15 Vdd_0 Vdd_3 
  brk_16 q_3 q_4 
  brk_17 q_1 q_5 
  brk_18 GND_0 GND_3 ; GND_1 GND_3 
  brk_19 a_1 a_4 
  brk_20 q_0 q_4 
  brk_21 a_4 a_7 
  brk_22 a_6 a_7 

  gos_0 a q trans_1 
  gos_1 Vdd a trans_1 
  gos_2 a q trans_0 
  gos_3 GND a trans_0 

# end of file

David Dahle Wed Jan 24 11:51:06 PST 1996