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Output Files

The simulation file generated by Carafe (the .sim file) has an additional extension to the filename. In this file, data for bridges and breaks are kept separate, and are distinguished with .bridge and .break extensions, for example ``my_circuit.bridge.sim'' would be output for bridge extraction on the circuit my_circuit. The primary reason for this is the node renaming required to describe breaks; since all the pieces of a node must be renamed to guarantee uniqueness, the node names in the layout are not present without modification (see the previous subsections). By separating the faults into separate files, we maintain compatibility with any programs that previously used the output files for analyzing bridges. Note that Carafe will only generate a .break.sim file if compound breaks are disabled as Carafe will not resolve identical break transistors from different faults. Appendix G describes the .graph file which details compound break faults for simulation.

David Dahle Wed Jan 24 11:51:06 PST 1996