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How Carafe works

For Carafe to work properly, several input files are required. The first is the technology file (the .tech file), this file describes the circuit's fabrication technology. The technology file contains descriptions about the number of layers of material, contacts and vias, and so on. The next file that Carafe requires is the fabrication statistics file (the .fab file). This file contains the list of defect radii that will be used to extract the realistic faults from the layouts and the scaling factors that are used to approximate defect distributions by both defect size and by fabrication layer. Of course, Carafe needs the layouts of the circuit. The layouts can be in either the Calma GDSII format or the Berkeley Magic format.

The graphical user interface of Carafe requires two files to work properly. One file contains a description of all the styles that layers of material can be drawn in and the other file contains the color map for the drawing styles (the dstyle and colormap files). These files are the same ones that are used in the Berkeley Magic layout tool. Please refer to Magic documentation for more details.

The Hemlock version of Carafe requires a file that describes the cells that are used (the .lib file). The file must contain the coordinates of all the inputs and outputs of each cell.

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