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Technology File Sections

The technology file is composed of several sections each of which begin with a keyword describing the name of the section followed by any number of data lines for the section and finally the keyword end. All section names and the keyword end must be in lower case in order for Carafe to recognize them.

Each line of the technology file can be a maximum of 80 characters in length. Characters in excess of 80 are ignored and case is important. Comments can be inserted in the technology file as long as they do not appear within sections. Comment lines begin with the # character and any text following it is ignored by Carafe. At least one space must be between the # character and the body of the comment line.

The following is a description of each section type recognized by Carafe. These are similar to the sections used in the Berkeley Magic technology files. Carafe checks that each tech file has at least a tech, planes, and types section defined. No ordering of the sections is required except for what is specified in the section descriptions below.

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