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Carafe is a product of the efforts of many people guided by Professor F. Joel Ferguson at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The precursor of Carafe is the FXT inductive fault analysis program written by F. Joel Ferguson. The overall design and a large portion of the implementation of Carafe was done by Alvin Jee. The tile based data structures of the Magic layout tool were customized for Carafe by George Riusaki. Alan Smith created the early versions of the X Windows/Motif graphical user interface. Cyrus Bazeghi added the gate oxide short fault extractor to Carafe. Mark Fitzpatrick performed initial work on the break fault extractor and Jeff Rogenski developed the present break fault extractor. David Dahle added compound fault extraction, transistor gate bridge/break faults, and fault visualization by critical area.

This work has been sponsored by the fine folks at Semiconductor Research Corporation, National Science Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, and Intel.

Many others have contributed to the Carafe project by offering suggestions for improving algorithms and the user interface design and by testing and debugging Carafe. Many thanks go to Brian Chess, Tony Freitas, Haluk Konuk, Professor Tracy Larrabee, Richard McGowen, Jeff Rearick, Andy Rosenbaum, Carl Roth, Joe Russack, Darren Senn, David Staepalaere, Martin Taylor, Jon Colburn, Chris Manlove, Paul Imthurn, Alan Waterman and a whole bunch of other people too numerous to list.

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