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This section is used to define the transistor types that Carafe will use to represent the extracted faults. There are three lines in this section. One defines the transistor to be used for bridge faults, one for break faults and one for gate oxide faults. The lines begin with either the word break, bridge, or gos to indicate which fault type is being defined. Following this word is the name of the transistor to be used to represent the fault transistor in the .sim file. Next are two integers defining the size of that fault transistor. The first integer defines the length of the transistor channel and the second defines the width of the channel in centimicrons. Finally, the logic value (0 or 1) is listed that activates the fault and causes the fault to occur in the circuit. Originally, it was intended that these transistors be used in switch-level fault simulation. Currently, most users parse the .sim output files to create Spice files for circuit simulation.

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