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The last section of the group is a nn matrix used to scale the probabilities of bridge faults between all layers. This section begins with a line containing the word bridge. Next follows the matrix where n corresponds to the number of types listed in the types section. The format is as follows:

						type1 		 type2 		 ...




The last line contains the word end. The matrix defined here is redundant, but a check is made to insure that the data in the array is symmetric about the main diagonal.

The grouping of the last three sections can be repeated as many times as needed, once for each defect radius desired. When Carafe reads this file, it automatically sets the minimum and maximum defect sizes to the smallest and largest radii listed in this file, respectively. These minimum and maximum defect sizes are used by the fault extractor to determine which faults to include in the list of probable faults. Only those defects between the these minimum and maximum radii are considered.

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