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To define the inputs to the gate, the INPUT record is used. Each INPUT record defines a single input to the gate and lists the coordinates of the input. Thus a two-input gate requires two separate INPUT records---one for each input. The following is the format of the INPUT record:

INPUT input_name location1 location2 ... locationN
The word INPUT is the keyword describing the the record type and the name of the input is given by input_name.

Each input location is given by a 3-tuple of data containing the fabrication layer that the input resides on, the x coordinate, and the y coordinate. The coordinate of the input should be on the edge of the cell where the interconnect wires will be connected. The coordinates are in units of integers of centimicrons. Each element in the 3-tuple is separated by white space characters. The fabrication layer must be one that is defined in the corresponding Carafe technology file. The order that the INPUT records are specified here is the order in which the inputs will be placed in the .TDL file generated by the Hemlock version of Carafe.

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