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Installation Steps

Once the EncryptedCarafe file and the key are obtained, follow the installation steps given below:

  1. Move the EncryptedCarafe file to the directory in which the Carafe directory is to be placed.
  2. Unencrypt the file with the UNIX crypt command using the acquired key. The syntax is: crypt key EncryptedCarafe carafe.tar.gz
  3. Uncompress the file carafe.tar.gz using the GNU tar command. The syntax is: tar -xzvf carafe.tar.gz.
  4. Enter the carafe directory. Check the README file for any last minute information. Carafe uses an automatically generated script to configure Carafe for the target machine. This script performs tests to determine the settings of various flags and then generates Makefiles based on those flags. Read the INSTALL file for detailed instructions on compiling and installing Carafe.

David Dahle Wed Jan 24 11:51:06 PST 1996