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Invoking Carafe

To run Carafe, type carafe at the operating system prompt ( % for some systems) and press <return> as shown below.

% carafe
Options can be used to tailor the Carafe session; these options are specified by typing the particular option flag followed by the parameter for that option. The option flag and the parameter must be separated from each other by at least one space. See the Carafe Option Flags section below for information on option flags. An example of this is given below.
% carafe -t
The above command will execute Carafe using the file in the current directory for the technology file rather than the default technology file.

The names of the technology file and the defect statistics file are reported at the beginning of the session. Check to make sure that they are correct before reading in circuit layouts.

If the X Window version of Carafe was compiled, the command-line version can still be used by giving a false display name. To do this, type something like the following:

% carafe -display lkj
where lkj is a nonexistent display.

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