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Carafe Command Line Interface

This chapter describes the Carafe commands and their syntax. In Carafe, all commands and parameters are case sensitive. All Carafe commands must be entered in lower case letters or they will not be interpreted correctly by the Carafe interpreter. Parameters such as file names are also case sensitive. For example, the two file names, inv.mag and Inv.mag are treated as two different files by Carafe.

Carafe is an interactive tool that can be controlled by command line entries. Commands are given to Carafe by typing in the desired command at the Carafe prompt:


A typical Carafe session entails the reading in of the design for a circuit, performing the circuit/fault extraction and then simulating the resulting circuit.

The general format of a Carafe command is:

command option parameter
where command is any of the commands described in this chapter. The option and parameter specify the exact sub-command and parameters to use for the command. Each of the three parts of the command can be separated by any number of tabs or spaces. Only one command is allowed per line and each line is limited to 80 characters in length. Any characters in excess of 80 are ignored.

The default circuit name is used in the commands which require only a circuit name as a parameter and none was given. The current default circuit name is shown in the Carafe prompt following the colon (:). If a circuit name is specified for any command, the default circuit name is changed to the specified name.

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