Welcome To Paul Imthurn's Homepage

Here is a postscript version of my resume . I also have an ascii version and an MS Word version . Please feel free to look at it and hire me.

I am a graduate student in the SCTest group. I work on the application of Inductive Fault Analysis to industrial designs, among other things.

I like to eat french fries and doughnuts. A lot. Some people call my relationship with doughnuts unhealthy. I think that they are jealous, and secretly label them as anal-compulsives.

While I am learning how to do all this html stuff, I will periodically change the picture displayed. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for my next picture? Click on my email address below and keep those ideas rolling in!

4/7/97 Ok, you ungrateful bastards, nobody emailed me any suggestions, so I am going to unilaterally change the picture to that of Herman Melville. I am presently reading Moby Dick, just for the fun of it and to make me a better person. So, enjoy; and if you don't like Herman, then send some other suggestion!

If there is a huge outcry, I will start a page listing books I have recently read or would like to read, and perhaps a little synopsis of each. I don't always read dead white guys, but generally have nothing against them.

UPDATE: I have been getting a surprising number of outcries for a list of books and their synopses, so, when time allows, I will bore you with them.

I have also received one rude request for pictures of naked chicks. In addition, some wierdo thinks that Mark Twain rules, and that Melville sucks. I refuse to pander to the lowest common denominator. Let the hoi polloi create their own damn web pages!

"Educate the elite; passify the masses!!" -- Aubyn Fulton, Ph.D.

click here for a picture of Professor Fulton.

"Whenever God closes a door, He opens a window." -- Jon Colburn

Here's Herman!

Past Images

Here are some boring progress reports for my delay fault diagnosis collaborators to look at.

Here is a directory with a bunch of neato graphs: click here!