Welcome to David Lavo's homepage

This is a picture of me and my niece, Megan. She's the cute one.

(Update: Actually, this picture is now several years old. Both Megan and I look quite a bit older, but she's still plenty cute ....)

While I've been meaning to add things to this page for some time, there's still not a lot going on here. Traditionally, I've used this page to distribute various documents - here is the latest batch:

But what about me? The latest news is that I'm back at UCSC, now as a "postdoctoral researcher", still in the SCTest group. I will be working on various research projects dealing with diagnosis and test issues. I will start adding pages to this one as I work out the details.

And while I haven't added anything to it in some time, I still have my poetry page up, if you're interested in such sissy stuff.