Selected SCTest publications on pdft (sorted in reverse chronological order):

Douglas Williams, F. J. Ferguson, T. Larrabee, A Study on the Utility of using Expected Quality Level as a Design for Testability Metric. In Proceedings of the International Test Conference, 274-282, March 1998.

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A. Jee, and F. J. Ferguson. A Methodology for Characterizing Cell Testability. <\a> In Proceedings of the 15th VLSI Test Symposium, 384-390, 1997.

R. McGowen. Objective-based routing for physical design for test, Doctoral Thesis, University of California at Santa Cruz , Department of Computer Engineering , June 1995.

A. Jee, and F.J. Ferguson. An Analysis of Shorts in CMOS Standard Cell Circuits. In Proceedings of the Seventh Annual IEEE International ASIC Conference and Exhibit, pages 362-365, 1994.

R. McGowen and F. J. Ferguson. Eliminating undetectable shorts between horizontal wires during channel routing. In Proceedings of the 12th VLSI Test Symposium, pages 402-407, 1994.

R. McGowen, and F.J. Ferguson Non-Feedback Shorts for the Purpose of Physical-DFT. In Proceedings of the European Test Conference , pages 371-375, 1994.

F.J. Ferguson. Physical Design for Testability for Bridges in CMOS Circuits. In Proceedings of the 11th VLSI Test Symposium, pages 290-295, 1993.

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