Sproing - a fault diagnosis tool.

Sproing performs fault diagnosis using stuck-at fault signatures. It matches the failing vectors found in a tester data file to the fault signatures found in a stuck-at dictionary file.

Currently, fault candidates can be one of two types: stuck-at faults or bridging faults. The candidate list can either be explicit or implicit. If explicit, the candidates are read from the file cand_faultlist. If implicit, stuck-at candidates are taken from the stuck-at dictionary/faultlist, and bridging candidates are constructed by the program from the stuck-at faultlist.

The top-rated candidates, by "goodness" of signature match, are reported in the fault diagnosis. If multiple fault types are used, a diagnosis per fault type is produced, along with a single aggregate diagnosis for all fault candidates.

Sproing Manual

The current Sproing man page is available as a text document or you may wish to check out the completely outdated User Documentation.

Sproing Executable

The compressed version of the executable is available for the following platforms

Currently the RS6000 contains example dictionaries in old and upcoming formats.


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