Sproing User Documentation
by Eric J Thorne
and David B. Lavo


Sproing! The sound a Byzantine Generalís spear makes when impacting a bridging fault. Sproing is a tool for the diagnosis of bridging and stuck-at faults. Using a modified MMA Algorithm, Sproing has had great success correctly diagnosing bridging faults in combinational circuits [1], even when diagnosing largely unpredictable behaviors [6].

Specific examples of various input and output files are based on running Sproing on the ISCAS85 circuit: c432 [2].


A brief reference of terms used throughout the Sproing manual.


What Sproing can do.


How to get Sproing to do:
Bridge Fault Diagnosis
Node Diagnosis
Stuck-at Fault Diagnosis

Sproing Options

Command line flags.

File Descriptions

Input File: Nemesis Dictionary
Output File: Diagnosis File
Output File: Results


Technical papers on related topics.


Scripts to create dictionary databases.

Special Appendix

How to use Nemesis to create fault dictionaries.